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Mary Iliff Recruitment, an independent agency designed to bring clients and candidates together in a focused, thoughtful and personal way, was established in 1997. Mary Iliff has over twenty year’s experience in the recruitment industry, and has developed strong company and candidate relationships that span many years, sometimes even decades. This means that both clients and candidates enjoy and benefit from the continuity of having the same point of contact, and reliable service throughout.

Whilst embracing and adapting to changes in technology, we have not compromised on the personal service we offer. Our wealth of expertise ensures that we accurately identify and select candidates by focusing on their individual qualities to achieve the best possible match with the client. From our offices in central London we work with an extensive range of companies, recruiting on behalf of international firms with fully staffed Human Resource departments, and for large, medium-sized and smaller companies, entrepreneurs and one-man bands.

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Mary Iliff, founder and proprietor of Mary Iliff Recruitment


"I first met Mary when she joined the recruitment consultancy I worked for in Mayfair. I was immediately struck by her old- world charm, a trait in short supply amongst recruiters who are often somewhat over-confident and brash.

Mary and I worked together for several years before I left to start my own business, which I have since sold. Later, when Mary established Mary Iliff & Associates, we began to work in collaboration, often introducing candidates to each other for positions with client companies. It goes without saying, that Mary and I trust each other’s judgement implicitly.
I have always admired Mary’s attention to every detail she is incredibly helpful and reliable, honest and straightforward. She is good at looking outside the box and finding and suggesting solutions to problems that might initially appear insoluble and has used this unique skill to great effect when helping many a candidate onto a successful career path by recognising their potential and placing them with the right company.

Mary is always on hand, available to speak to and see candidates and clients alike.  In these impersonal days of internet trawls and key word searches, it is heartening to know that the personal, human touch still endures."

Susan Doughty former proprietor of Susan Doughty Recruitment

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